On June 12th, 2024, I had the distinct honor of fulfilling my role as the Chair of the New York City Issues Working Group at the New York State Association of Realtors (NYSAR). This opportunity represented a significant milestone in my career and emphasized my commitment to advocating for the real estate industry and the communities we serve.

A Platform for Change

Taking on the role of Chair is not just a title; it’s a platform to effect meaningful change. As someone deeply rooted in New York City’s real estate market, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities that our city presents. Manhattan, with its intricate tapestry of co-ops, stringent approval processes, and a market not governed by a centralized Multiple Listing Service (MLS), but rather relying on public platforms such as StreetEasy and Zillow, requires a nuanced approach to real estate advocacy. This complexity is where our expertise as New York City real estate professionals truly shines, and it’s where we can make a substantial impact.

The June 12th Hearing at City Hall: A Defining Moment

The City Council hearing on June 12th was a defining moment. I was privileged to be among the first to speak, not only at the rally but also before the City Council, representing the interests of real estate professionals, small landlords, and tenants alike. Addressing the Council, I highlighted the intricacies of the Manhattan market and the critical role that experienced agents play in navigating these waters. The discussions at this hearing revolved around unintended consequences affecting tenants, landlords, and agents.

Advocating for Fair Practices

The pressing issue we tackled was the introduction of Intro 360 also known as the Fairness in Apartment Rental Expenses (FARE) Act, a bill with the potential to reshape the dynamics of rental broker fees in New York City. I articulated the concerns shared by many in our industry, emphasizing how the legislation could inadvertently impact the level of service provided to tenants and the livelihood of agents, including Black and Brown agents who largely serve underrepresented communities. Additionally, the bill could force small landlords to raise rents to cover the added expense of broker fees. It was crucial to convey that while reforms are necessary, they must be balanced and equitable, ensuring that no group is disproportionately affected.

Building Trust and Collaboration

Throughout this journey, building trust and fostering collaboration have been at the forefront of my efforts. Advocating on behalf of voucher holders, educating landlords, and ensuring compliance with fair housing regulations are just a few ways we can create a more inclusive and supportive real estate environment. This leadership role allows me to bridge gaps, promote understanding, and drive initiatives that benefit all stakeholders.

Looking Ahead

As I continue in my role as Chair, my focus remains on championing policies that promote fairness, accessibility, and sustainability in New York City’s real estate market. This opportunity has reinvigorated my dedication to serving our community and advancing the interests of real estate licensees.

I am incredibly grateful to the New York State Association of Realtors for this leadership role. It is an honor to contribute to such a vital cause and to work alongside passionate and dedicated colleagues. Together, we will navigate the challenges ahead and strive for a future where our industry thrives and our communities flourish.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Here’s to making a lasting impact in New York City and beyond.